Educational games for social impact

Creating a game is easier than many people think it is. Everyone (even a kid) has a tremendous potential to develop a game and transform the local community. By following some basic rules, doing researches and having clear goals, the path to design it is ready.

Visual presentation and creativity are also important, so you might need somehelp - ask your peers! Everyone likes the idea of doing something useful. It’s the most interesting part of the process - share your intention, get partners, prototype the game, test and improve it before finishing the project.

We focus mainly on kids and teenagers, creating playful printed materials (most of them are board games), e-books and workshops. Educaderia started in 2013 and until now we've developed games about entrepreneurship, empowerment, professional planning, financial education, English language teaching and other themes. We use concepts of gamification and try to make it interesting, according to the topic that will be taught.

The games are simple to use and scale up, causing a big impact on the players' life. In a country like Brazil, it can make a huge difference. We believe education is the key to improve this scenario and generate social impact through learning. Join us!


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